Let’s Talk 8 – A Para Counselor Training Course is coming back!

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“Let’s Talk” is a training program to equip young people with basic counseling skills. Established in 2013, it is the flagship program on the Centre for Counseling, Research and Empowering Community (CoRE), which seeks to improve the emotional and psychological well-being of the local community. “Let’s Talk” is coming back at this autumn and looking […]

Be Glad in April


– Now it’s May! But wait, how was your April? Was it fun? – Yes, we were so glad to continue serving our community! TEA TALK TURNED 5! To celebrate our fifth anniversary this year, on a beautiful Sunday morning on 9th April, we organized a special event “Let’s Celebrate Family” to welcome many parents and children in […]

This March!


If we had to describe this March with one word, “hectic” would definitely be the one! The Cafe launched its final phase of renovation to welcome many individuals and groups of customers, CoRE which is the charity arm of Tea Talk provided various study tours, training and workshops within the month. In 2017, CoRE launched the “Let’s Talk PLUS” program. This is different from […]

For February


Tea Talk’s makeover is almost complete and just in time to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. This again would not have been possible if not for your generous contributions. Our Hope, Love and Faith Rooms are completed and we are now launching our final phase of renovation, that of the Family Room and the outside signage. We need a final […]