Para-Counselor Training – Let’s Talk 6 – Application Released

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Dear young friends,

Do you LOVE social activities?

Are you studying or working in the field of social work? Or do you simply find yourself interested in counselling and social work activities with the hope to learn more?

 Would you like to enhance and develop your individual skills, including: BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and using BODY LANGUAGE, RESOLVING CONFLICTS IN WORK AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, PREVENTING RISKS OF SUICIDE, etc…?

 Would you like to CONTRIBUTE your knowledge, skills and individual capacity to activities geared towards improving the quality of spiritual life for the youth and community?

Would you like to be part of the basic Counselling Skills course and have an opportunity to receive 1 of the 20 full or partial scholarships for Para-Counselling Training Course VI ?

If the answer is YES, then come to the Para-Counselling Training Course at LET’S TALK!

 1. What is LET’S TALK?

Let’s Talk is a project initiated and operated by Centre for Counseling, Research and Empowering Community (CoRE) since September 2013 with the objective of “Developing counseling services and offering training in counseling skills for the community by working with experienced social workers, both local and international. Until now, Let’s Talk has organized five successful training courses for almost 100 para-counselors.

For more about Let’s Talk, please see at:

2. What activities does LET’S TALK offer?

  • Training courses with the instruction of local and international experts who utilize creative and effective methods to provide knowledge and practical skills in social work;
  • An internship and professional supervision in the field of social work and counseling;
  • Opportunities to put what you’ve learned into practiceby way of purposeful interaction with customers at Tea Talk café;
  • Various social events held at CoRE and Tea Talk in order to raise awareness and understanding of issues in the community coupled with possible approaches towards solutions;
  • A growing network of social workers in Vietnam and abroad with expertise and passion to empower you in your development as a social worker;

3. LET’S TALK and opportunities for you:

  • To join in a basic training course with experts and consultants who are actively providing social services in the community;
  • To act as a para-counselor during a creative professional training session with clients who are in trouble. The procedure will be guided and supported from the overseeing and highly-experienced counseling-trainers in the country and abroad;
  • A scholarship for Counseling Internship Training Course of Let’s Talk;
  • To see theoretical ideas put into practice;
  • To receive a certificate issued by CoRE;
  • To become a volunteer/collaborator with CoRE;
  • To work in a dynamic, innovative environment, that allows for flexible hours of commitment;
  • To be a part of the growing network of social workers in the field.


  • Be a citizen or resident who is studying and working in the city of Hanoi;
  • Have an interest and a passion for the activities in the field of social work, counseling, community development;
  • Have an understanding of social issues;
  • Have a strong desire to improve skills required in basic consultation (communication, conversation, dialogue, listening, observing body language…);
  • Priority on students who are studying or have studied social work;
  • Commitment (minimum 3 months);
  • English is an advantage.

5. Tuition – Scholarship:

Tuition: 1,000,000 dong/student fee.

Scholarship: There are four full scholarships to be awarded to the most suitable candidates.


To complete the registration procedure, please take the following steps:

And send the completed documents to the email address below:

Subject of mail: [DK Let’s Talk 6]_[Full name]

  •  Pay the registration fees in the Office of CoRE – No. 9 Block 1G , Trung Yen 6 , Cau Giay District, Hanoi (opposite No. 91 Trung Kinh ) . Please call before coming via the following hotline number:

Fee for registration: 30,000 dong/ profile

  • Application round: from 1/2 to 22/2/2016;
  • Interview round: 24 – 26/2/2016(For candidates who have passed the registration);
  • Training time:

+ Theory training: 5/3 – 30/3/2016 (sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings – afternoons for 3 consecutive weeks);

+ Supervision and mentoring: 1/4 – 30/5/2016.

For more information, please contact:

Hotline: (04) 37 836 2300168 7744 889 (Ms. Trang Nha)


Also available in: Vietnamese

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