Question Asking and Using in Community Development 14/4/2016

Are you wondering:

– How to ask good questions in communication?

– How to ask questions that encourage the questioned to find answers on their own?

– Why is asking a right question much more important than finding the right answer to a wrong question?

– How important is stimulating other people to discover, develop and handle their own issues in particular as well as to develop communities in general?

Let’s look for answers to these questions in our talk “Question asking and using in community development”.

TIME: 07:00 – 09:00 PM, Thursday, 14/4/2016.

VENUE: Tea Talk Café, opposite No. 91 Trung Kinh, Hanoi

Facilitators: Trainers of Community Health Program and American experts of Community Development.

Participants: Anyone interested in asking and using good questions

Registration link:

Deadline: Before 14/4/2016 (The registration link may be closed earlier than the deadline if there are enough people registering their participation)

(To support our program, please use Tea Talk’s service at the price of 30,000 VND for a drink and a cake)


Hotline: 0943 201 219 / 04 3783 6230 (Ms. Phuong Luong)


Center for Counseling, Research and Empowering Community (CoRE) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization under the social enterprise Tea Talk Vietnam. CoRE’s mission is to make a contribution in forming a developing community through education and counseling programs, social work and other creative activities associated with indigenous culture.

Resource Exchange International (REI) is a nonsectarian, charitable, and educational organization. REI’s mission is to engage, encourage, equip, and empower people in emerging nations to strengthen the strategic sectors of their countries.


Also available in: Vietnamese

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