Goodbye 2016 – Hello from Tea Talk CoRE’s New Location!

FINALLY, WE FOUND IT! On the very last day when we had to make a decision for the relocation venue for Tea Talk, we found a place that matched our estimated budget, floor size and preferred location. It had not been an easy search ever since we embarked on the search last month. Thank you for walking with us on this journey of FAITH. Thank you for your acts of kindness expressed in the LOVE gift you made towards our renovation cost. As 2016 came to an end and 2017 has just begun, we wait in HOPE that the new Tea Talk location will bring more blessings to those who step into our doors.



Homemade with fresh ingredients, Tea Talk’s Pineapple Tart has a sunny yellow outer coat with a combination of sweet and sour filling. Also known as the lucky cake, we hope that it will bring much joy for the new year.
Wanna try Tea Talk Homemade Pineapple Tart?


The last Christmas celebration at the previous Tea Talk cafe was one of the fondest memories we had. Since our first opening day on 10th Apr 2012, with over 4000 people checked in on our Facebook page, we do believe that many wonderful memories were formed and countless friendships were forged. Needless to say, Tea Talk truly lived up to its name as “the popular meeting point for young people in Hanoi”.


On 17th December, our flagship project “Let’s Talk” celebrated its 7th course graduation. Although the training and mentoring have ended, we would like to congratulate 16 individuals who have gained better understanding and skills on para counseling. More than just acquiring knowledge, we believe they will become a better child in family, a better friend and last but not least, a better self. We are much thankful for all lecturers, mentors and students for being a part of our journey.


Tea Talk English completed three fall courses in December while continuing the weekly “Let’s Share”. Speakers from Vietnam, American, Singapore and the Philippines shared about what real beauty is, how to declutter our lives, and the art of personal branding. Perhaps the most special time was the last “Let’s Share” as Zonia Go shared about Christmas in the Philippines and what Christmas is really all about. We are thankful for “Let’s Share” which provided a platform for people to “express their soul” freely in a safe and trusting environment. We look forward to sharing more… and playing games together in 2017 at the new location! 


In USA, please click here and pick CoRE@Tea Talk.
In Vietnam, please click here for our bank details.
In Singapore, please write us for our bank details.

Also available in: Vietnamese

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