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Hanoi Book Swap Event 30/01/2016

Hanoi Book Swap is a monthly event organized by Three Cups of Tea Library. Bring a book that you have read and tell people about it, and you can get a new book in exchange! We will also discuss the international best-seller The Alchemist, originally written in Portuguese by Paulo Coelho, and translated into 80 […]

Invitation to “Tea For Two – Time Out For Supervision” training 18 & 19/02/2016

Tea For Two – Time Out For Supervision is one of our training courses in 2016 with the aim of equipping those in with supervisory responsibilities a 2-pronged approach to improve employee performance at the workplace. (The Supervision relationship is one that is between a senior representative and a junior representative of an organization. The […]

A New Chapter

Tea Talk’s 3rd anniversary gala dinner was so much more than a celebration of our achievements. The event that took place on 10th April at The Hanoi Club Hotel was a signifier of our intent within the local community, and provided a platform in which to exhibit our fantastic new psycho-social educational projects. That evening […]

ShineWOMEN with Hoa Sua School for Disadvantaged Youth

Shine is a series of seminars that aims to empower women through inspirational, practical, and experiential methods of learning. Apart from that, Shine also offers “training” programs that develops new “trainers” that will speak in Shine seminars as well. Since its establishment in Cambridge, Australia five years ago, Shine has hosted training programs in over […]

Community Based On Health Care Workshops

Following the success of the first step of Community Health Training – “Mentoring and Coaching Workshop”, Resource Exchange International (REI) continues collaborating with Center for Counseling, Research and Empowering Community (CoRE) in implementing “Community Based Health Care Workshop” to equip social workers with exploring how communities can effectively take ownership for their own health and […]

Mentoring and Coaching Workshops

Our health is perhaps the thing we take most for granted and, as a global community, we are often too late to realize when something is wrong. Here at CoRE, we believe whole-heartedly that through greater social awareness and education – we can move past our previous misconceptions about health, and develop, as individuals, into […]