Chương trình Team bonding Tháng Năm cho học viên Let’s Talk


Let’s Talk Team Bonding for Students

This is a first for ‘Let’s Talk Plus’. We held a special team bonding event for all Let’s Talkers from Let’s Talk 1-7.

This event is an opportunity for all students to meet and build an effective network in mental health care. We are grateful to Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) for allowing us to use their auditorium and PA system without charge.

This is event is especially meaningful as it is the last event that Gwen facilitated for us. She has since returned to the States for good.

Dear Gwen, we wish you all the best in the States.

TO HIF, thank you so much for the generous use of your facilities.



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Special Team bonding for Let’s Talk lecturers in Spring


Let’s Talk Team Bonding for Lecturers

In 2017, CoRE launched the “Let’s Talk PLUS” program. This is different from our existing 3-month basic counseling training “Let’s Talk” series. We launched this program to introduce further training for our graduates and professionals working in the mental health industry in Hanoi. We also hope to connect our graduates and lecturers through “Let’s Talk” even after the program has ended. As one of the first events in this new program, a team bonding for Let’s Talk lecturers only was hold on 1st April 2017 at beautiful Park City. Under the great facilitation of  Mrs. Gwen Johnson, the person we normally called “an expert in team activities”, all participants had a great time of fun laughter and bonding!



Suicide Assessment and Intervention Skills (March 31st 2017)


In a study of medical records in 2005 in Hanoi, nearly half (49%) of the persons who attempted suicide were aged 15 to 24 (Thanh et al, 2005).

This social challenge was deemed taboo and not openly discussed in Vietnamese society (Harpham & Tuan, 2006). Fear of being stigmatized hinders an affected person from seeking help. Families and friends can be unaware or unable to help.  The social costs for the individual, families and society is high.

Base on the social needs, CoRE invited with Ms. Florence Fong, a Senior Medical Social Worker from Singapore General Hospital cum an ASIST trainer has conducted a 1-day workshop on Suicide Assessment & Intervention Skills.

From this workshop, participants were equipped to identify a person who may be at risk of suicide. They also acquired the knowledge and skills required to either directly intervene to prevent suicide behavior and/or refer a person at risk to a trained mental health professional for further follow-up care using a suicide assessment and intervention framework.

All participants found it very helpful and the model was easy to use. Role-plays were fun and aid in learning the PAL (Pathway to Life) model. Hope that we can spread broadly this model to community!

Art Therapy Workshop (March 2017)


Art therapy is an effective method to support clients in mental health care.

In March 2017, Mrs. Cindy West Limbrick – The President of Awakening Artist (USA) conducted an art journaling course on using art as a means to express one’s soul. This class is opened to anyone and participants included laymen, counselors, social workers and lecturers.

She also conducted an intensive 2-day workshop on using art as tools in a therapeutic situation. This was only opened to Tea Talk staff.

During her time here, Mrs Cindy also conducted peer coaching sessions for different participants based on appointment.