• A training course initiated and conducted by the CoRE Community since September 2013;
  • Provides training in basic counseling skills, along with mentoring/coaching for participants;
  • Since September 2013, “Let’s Talk” has run 8 courses and trained 157 youths. This project aims to raise awareness for counseling, mental well-being and healthcare among the community.
(“Let’s Talk” 7 in Graduate Ceremony)

(“Let’s Talk” 7 in Graduate Ceremony)

  1. Objective

The objective of this project is to enhance the emotional and psychological well-being of the Vietnamese people.

We do this by equipping young people with basic counseling skills to reach out to their peers through the “Let’s Talk” project. “Let’s Talk” is a developmental and preventive program.  It aims to equip young persons with basic listening skills to provide to those in emotional and psychological distress.

We limit each class to maximum of 20 participants.

(Lecturer and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

(Lecturer and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

  1. Primarily for
  • Youths and students who have interests in social activities such as counselling, psychology or social work.
  • Social workers, counsellors and lecturers of universities in Vietnam who want to contribute to this training program.
  • Anyone who is interested to know about counselling.
  1. Activities
  • Training courses to impart knowledge and skills related to counselling.
  • Mentoring phase: participants will be divided into small groups to work with their mentors, practice with one another (E.g.: role play), ask questions about the lecture and relate to their real life situations.
  • Group Presentations: participants will conduct workshops that address the emotional and mental health needs of other youths and young adults in the community (E.g.: Coping with Loneliness, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Suicide Prevention, etc…).
(Lecturers and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

(Lecturers and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

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