• A training course initiated and conducted by the CoRE Community since September 2013;
  • Provides training in basic counseling skills, along with mentoring/coaching for participants;
  • Since September 2013, “Let’s Talk” has run 8 courses and trained 157 youths. This project aims to raise awareness for counseling, mental well-being and healthcare among the community.
(“Let’s Talk” 7 in Graduate Ceremony)

(“Let’s Talk” 7 in Graduate Ceremony)

  1. Objective

The objective of this project is to enhance the emotional and psychological well-being of the Vietnamese people.

We do this by equipping young people with basic counseling skills to reach out to their peers through the “Let’s Talk” project – a developmental and preventive program.

We limit each class to maximum of 20 participants.

(Lecturer and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

(Lecturer and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

  1. Primarily for
  • Youths and students who have interests in social activities such as counselling, psychology or social work.
  • Social workers, counsellors and lecturers of universities in Vietnam who want to contribute to this training program.
  • Anyone who is interested to know about counselling.
  1. Activities
  • Training courses to impart knowledge and skills related to counselling.
  • Mentoring phase: participants will be divided into small groups to work with their mentors, practice with one another (E.g.: role play), ask questions about the lecture and relate to their real life situations.
  • Group Presentations: participants will conduct workshops that address the emotional and mental health needs of other youths and young adults in the community (E.g.: Coping with Loneliness, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Suicide Prevention, etc…).
(Lecturers and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

(Lecturers and students in “Let’s Talk” 7 Graduation)

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