Part 1: Theoretical Training

Objective of this phase is imparting knowledge and skills related to para-counseling.  This consist of an orientation session and 9 training sessions (Total 18 hours in duration, 9 sessions). Participants will explore the ethical issues confronting para-counselors and discuss topics such as elements of a good para-counselor, basic counseling and communication skills.  The training will focus on hands-on practice of the skills taught in each session.

Some of the skills covered in the course:


Part 2: Mentoring & Practice Sessions for Participants

After completing the “Let’s Talk” training phase, participants will be required to practice their new skills through a 2 – 2,5 month mentoring at CoRE (total 8 sessions in duration).  Mentoring will be provided by professional counselors and social workers.

Part 3: Enrichment Workshop for the Public

Participants will be divided into small groups to prepare and conduct workshops that address the emotional and mental health needs of the community.

These workshops will be opened to the public.

Some topics covered in the Mentoring phase and presented as workshops:

Anger Management Coping with Anxiety Grief and Loss
Alcoholism Coping with Loneliness Homosexuality
Building Healthy Relationship Depression Stress Management
Conflict Management Domestic Violence Suicide Prevention
Common Problems Faced by Youths

and Ways to Address them

Eating Disorders

Time Management


Also available in: Vietnamese