In addition to community projects and training courses, CoRE is also able to host a whole plethora of other events and activities. The topics are mainly focused on Personal Development, Marriage & Family, Career Orientation and Culture Exchange such as “Uniquely ME”, “Know yourself – Love each other”, “Refresh With Art”, “Say No with “Love” if…”; “Let’s talk with Parents”, “My time – My family”, “Discover what you’re best at – Career abilities”, “Hawaii Nite”, “Singapore – Vietnam Friendship”…

So far, our events have directly benefited over 3.000 people including specialists, students, office staff, as well as countless numbers of indirect beneficiaries. They not only brought CoRE into the public domain, but also added much needed versatility and diversity into CoRE’s capacity-building approach to community development.



Beauty Class for Ladies – 28 & 29/10/2016


Our beloved ladies, Ever thought about finding out more on proper skin-care, basic make-up, and hairstyling through a fun and loving class? Build your confidence with us through practical skills and tips on your inner and outer beauty today! Following the success of ShineWOMEN courses for ladies in Hanoi, CoRE is glad to continue organizing […]

Join Us To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Singaporean friends! – 5/9/2016

CoRE_MidAutumnFestival 2016_Event Cover-02

Dear friends, Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere has come in every corner of Hanoi. And as the years before, CoRE, Tea Talk and international volunteers continue organizing “play and learn” activities to engage the community. Come join us for an interesting cultural exchange with friends from Singapore and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together! ^^ International volunteers: 9 Singaporean, […]

Hanoi Book Swap Event #4 – 23/4/2016


Every Saturday near the end of month, Three Cups of Tea Library again gets warmer, for we have Hanoi Book Swap here! Let’s bring a book that you’ve read, of any genre, to share with everyone else the meaning or the interesting details you’ve found in that book. If you like any book that others […]

Hanoi Book Swap Event #3 – 26/3/2016


Hanoi Book Swap is a monthly books exchange event organized by Three Cups of Tea Library. Bring a book that you have read and share with us your thoughts about it, and you can get a new book in exchange! Beside exchange books, this month, let’s join Hanoi Book Swap and: – Discuss The Little […]

Hanoi Book Swap Event 30/01/2016

CoRE_Hanoi Book Swap 30.01.16

Hanoi Book Swap is a monthly event organized by Three Cups of Tea Library. Bring a book that you have read and tell people about it, and you can get a new book in exchange! We will also discuss the international best-seller The Alchemist, originally written in Portuguese by Paulo Coelho, and translated into 80 […]