Wife Together is a 4-month project sponsored by the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Micro-Grant. This project aims to equip women with skills to work with men to prevent intimate partner violence for 20 staff from Vietnam Women’s Union of Ba Vi suburban district (Hanoi). By understanding gender equality and learning basic counseling skills, trained staff will be able to provide 20 – 40 violence victims with effective support and treatment as well as raise awareness of intimate partner violence among the community.

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In November 2017, CoRE successfully implemented the training phase of Wife Together. The 4 full-day of training provided participants with clear understanding of gender equality and approach to basic counseling skills (including skills for self-awareness, problem identification and goal setting, empathy, listening and questioning). An action plan was designed by participants to practice in their communities. Among which, each participant will directly support at least 1 – 2 violence victims in their community (commune) and plan to spend at least one quarterly meeting with other members sharing on intimate partner violence and necessary skills to work with men to prevent it.

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